You’re here because you’ve seen them…the agents. They carry a light that pierces the darkness and drudgery, and a light you want to know more about.

Who am I? I’m the Catalyzing Agent, just another agent among millions. My role is to spark and accelerate change. We have Contributing Agents, Healing Agents, and many, many more. Sometimes, we bear more than one title.

The agents, as you’d suspect, are all around you. They are hidden in plain sight, and necessarily have to conceal their missions in a world filled with deception.

The light they have is special, and with their awakened eyes, they can see far more than non-agents can in this world. They see the world as non-agents see it, but also the way it truly is, without the deceptive filter that overlays it. Remember in the movie “The Matrix,” when the main character was first unplugged from the Matrix’s lies and saw the true world? For me, it was a lot like that when my eyes were opened.

The hard truth is that there is a war waging that is invisible to non-agents, and many who aren’t agents are unwittingly spreading the darkness our agents fight to eradicate.

If you’d like to learn more about becoming an agent, walk this way.