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become-an-agent-500sqWelcome! You were expected to arrive exactly at this time. There are no coincidences, as you’ll learn.

I was just like you when I arrived. I was tired of everything crumbling in my hands…a life that was pointless and without real purpose.

Like many other agents before you, you’re here because of the curious light you’ve seen carried and reflected by our agents. It’s a light that shines, but also a lightness of spirit you see.

You also feel so tired and broken that you can’t keep going down the road you’ve been on all these years. You want to lay down your burdens and walk a new walk. Something has to give.

Forget everything you know

Being an agent of light is lot like “The Matrix”: You have to experience it to understand it, because telling you about it isn’t enough.

The world you know tells you that you make your own way, you deserve or need some material product or service, and that there is nothing beyond what we can see with our own senses or prove with science.

What if I told you that all of that was a lie? How willing are you to put all you think you know behind you and become an agent of light, and see the world as it really is?

If you’re all in, mind and heart and soul, and truly ready to turn everything around and carry this exposing and healing light, read on.

Say these words aloud, sincerely from your heart.

Dear Lord Jesus, I know that I am a sinner, and I ask for Your forgiveness. I believe you died for my sins and rose from the dead. I turn from my sins and invite You to come into my heart and life. I want to trust and follow You as my Lord and Savior. In Your holy and powerful name I pray. Amen.

I sincerely did it. What happens now?

Congratulations! The Holy Spirit will take residence in your heart, and the transformation from within begins! You are now the newest agent of light. Your perspective and view of the world will also transform as a result.

At the same time, the enemy will double his efforts to tempt you away from this path you’ve chosen.

Especially in this early phase, it is crucial that you do the following:

  • Pray. This is the constant line of communication between you and the Almighty God, who can do anything. He carries you and is with you through even the darkest circumstances, when everyone else fails you.
  • Fellowship. Stick with other, more seasoned agents, so you don’t fall prey to the world. These agents may recommend a church you can attend…but remember that the church itself is just a building. It’s more important to remember that the activity of fellowship is what matters.
  • Consume the Word daily. The Word is God’s inerrant truth and promises to His children (like you!), and is the Sword of the Spirit that cleaves through darkness. It is part of the Armor of Light mentioned in Romans 13:12 (also known as the Full/Whole Armor of God mentioned in Ephesians 6:10-18).

This video from the amazing Bible Project explains the concept of subversive loyalty in a world that’s at odds with believers:

This agency is a refuge

Stop by often for a new post to inspire you and keep you going. The Catalyzing Agent is moved to share most of these posts, but Contributing Agents jump in from time to time. You could be one, too. The posts here are what God speaks to our hearts, chronicling not just where we are in our journeys, but a documented testimony for agents (and prospective agents) to read worldwide.

This is your home away from home. Welcome.


  1. Marlene

    WOW!!!!…For such a time as this the HOLY SPIRIT has led me here to this page to honor HIM in Integrity, Truth, Love, Wisdom, Knowledge, Peace, Patience, Goodness ,kindness, longsuffering and self-control,,,,I have been a Christian since I was 24 and am now 63,,,,I am at a CROSSROADS,,,in my life and need some direction and I believe GOD has led me to this site to grow in HIM,,,,I don’t even remember what I googled to get this site but the first thing I read was ,,,we are agents of Light which was so meaningful to me and I was given a shaker of SALT today and realized it has no iodine in it and the next thing I read was called,,,we are the salt and light of the world,,mmmm(GOD HAS SUCH A GREAT SENSE OF HUMOUR) and as I read HE began to speak to me in ways of my purpose on this earth and I didnt realize in generations way back in Bible times the Roman soldires were given Salt for their wages),,,WOW,,,,,Salt has a different meaning to me now than it ever has before,,,,Looking forward to reading many more posts,,,,and growing more each day in JESUS,,,,as HE has a plan and a purpose for my life that I believe is just really beginning after all these years of being in the desert and suffering but growing and depending on HIM totally especially these past 6 years,,,,Thank You for the reads,,,They were very enlightening,,,Blessings marlene:):):)

    • Catalyzing Agent

      Marlene, thank you so much for writing in! Indeed, there are no accidents or coincidences in God’s plans. He directed you here. And at 23, 43, 63, 83, or 103, He can awaken us (or re-awaken us) with ever-sharpening clarity of His vision for our lives.

      Please do visit, subscribe (if you like), and pass it on if you know of other potential agents. We all have the mission to carry His light to every corner of the earth, and what an honor and privilege it is to represent and be loved by Him!

      Be blessed!

  2. Kurt Hectic

    Not sure why you would ask Jesus Christ for forgiveness instead of going directly to the Father in Heaven, the true authority with Jesus gone and sitting at his right hand.

    Also, we are meek Christians who have given our lives up for the Kingdom of Heaven, not agents of the light. It’s Lucifer who is the bearer of the light.

    • Catalyzing Agent

      Hi Kurt,

      Thank you for your comment!

      Since Jesus and the Father and the Spirit are separate but also one, and since Jesus intercedes for us to His Father, I would argue that we can certainly go to Jesus. As Christians, we recognize that Jesus is the one way to the Father, and Jesus opened up a direct line of communication with the Father once the veil was torn. I am comfortable speaking to Jesus, the Father, or the Spirit.

      As for “agents of light,” since the bible recognizes that God is light (1 John 1:5); and since Jesus commissioned believers to carry the Good News to the corners of the earth (Matt. 28:16-20); and since Jesus said He Himself is light into a world of darkness (John 12:46); I named this blog Agents of Light so we may continue to carry the light of His Good Word to this dark world.

      Though the name Lucifer means light-bearer, he did not create, nor does he own all rights to, the light. Lucifer had his name since he was an angel above, but through his choices, he turned to darkness. God is light, and brought light to this world. So, I don’t consider Christians who carry the light of God’s Good News to this dark world to be subordinate to the Adversary at all, but instead faithful and meek servants whose lives fulfilling the Great Commission are a sweet-smelling sacrifice to God.

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