For as the heavens are higher than the earth, So are My ways higher than your ways And My thoughts than your thoughts. -Isaiah 55:9 (NASB)

As a boy, I remember reading the parable about three blind men and an elephant. Each man touched a different part of the elephant, like the side, a tusk, and the tail. The three men argued about who was right in describing the elephant.

The first man was touching the side of the elephant talked about the rough, leathery skin. THAT was what an elephant felt like! The second man, touching the tusk, said the elephant was very hard, with a pointed end to him. The third man was touching the tail, and said the other two were dead wrong. An elephant was long like a snake, with a tuft of hair at the end.

Then, a sighted man walked up and told them that the elephant, in fact, included all those qualities they described, because they were actually only experiencing parts of the elephant.

That’s a lot like how we experience life, isn’t it? Limited in our understanding, we’re blind to the totality of the tapestry of our lives, because we’re on the ground, interwoven with all the other threads of people’s lives. But God sees the whole tapestry, and masterfully weaves all of our lives together. Thank You, Lord, that we can entrust in Your plans for us, even when we can’t see them the way you do!