God is always doing 10,000 things in your life, and you may be aware of three of them. -John Piper

The Israelites had some seriously tough slogs.

Take the 40 years they trudged around in the desert…day by day, night by night, setting up and taking down camp…with no sign of change in sight…before they reached the Promised Land.

Through it all, God provided for them. He fed them quail and manna. They never lacked for food or water. Their clothes never wore out. Their feet never got sore—for FORTY YEARS!

And yet, they grumbled and whined through it all.

It would be easy for us to judge, but do we not do the same in our day to day lives, when we likely don’t face any of the same conditions they did? And yet, He provides for us every day, blessing us in small and large, and seen and unseen, ways.

Just remember to have faith that He is working quietly and often invisibly through each trial…and it’ll be more apparent to our feeble brains afterward. Feed on His manna—He will never leave you lacking!—and you will always have enough to make it to out of the valley.

This excellent excerpt comes from author Jennifer Kennedy Dean:

During their extended training in the desert, they learned by
experience to trust the hand of God. For example, He fed them with
manna day by day. If God had not sent the day’s manna, they would
have starved in the wilderness. Every morning required confidence in
God’s provision. See how Moses warns them to remember the desert
days when they get into the Promised Land?

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