matthew-11-28-500sqThis world is so full of temptations and distractions…things you “need” to have to feel better about yourself, because “you deserve it.” Don’t forget the mountain of everything you have to do at work, all due yesterday…with more coming in by the minute! Work and chores and kids and friends and grandkids and holidays…it’s easy to jam-pack your day and mind, racing from one obligation to another.

And underlying all of that, you have stresses and pains in your heart that make addressing all of the above even more difficult.

Well, all of those are distractions. Yes, even the pains in your heart. This is where we really, really have to take our eyes off ourselves and our worldly obligations, and refocus on Him. Keeping our eyes trained on Him gives us a supernatural peace in the face of anything, because we’re not looking at the waves in our lives. And, most importantly, it helps us get our priorities straight again. It’s amazing how your list of “must do’s” will change when you refocus and put Him back on the top of that list, as He should!

I say all this because this is something I’m constantly working on, and I’m sure I’m not alone in this.

This Pocket Fuel devotional speaks more about distractions:

Many things will cross your path. Some will enhance and invigorate your journey, others bring destruction and pain… Through it all, keep your eyes focused on God. Don’t get distracted, steady your mind and heart and enjoy this beautiful life you’ve been given. No matter what blessing or heartache has overwhelmed you, God will lead you through, healing and refining you step by step.

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