How do you fight an invisible enemy?

The LORD will fight for you while you remain silent. -Exodus 14:14 (NASB)

They were out of options. Death was imminent.

When the Israelites were on the run from Pharaoh and his army, they were pinned down with the Red Sea at their backs, nowhere to run. They were unarmed and worn down physically, emotionally, and spiritually.

Moses cried out to God, who asked Moses why he cried out to Him. God told the Israelites to move toward the Red Sea, and He would use Moses and his staff to part the sea so His people could cross on dry land.

And we all know how God saved His seemingly doomed people. All they had to do was be still in faith, rather than panic because they saw no earthly options.

In 2020, we face a viral pandemic, with a microscopic killer we cannot see. It’s like being in a horror movie, wandering through a fog at night, not knowing when something will slice through the fog and kill us.

It’s like we’re out of options. Death seems imminent.

It’s times like these where a perspective change is crucial, because these times underline our utter helplessness. Our impressive technological achievements have actually aided in accelerating the spread of this eerie killer worldwide. So now what?

Now we do as the Israelites did: we stop panicking and running. We can quiet down, get out of His way, and entrust Him with the outcome. Trust that He will use the people He needs in His plan to get us to a better place.

In our silence, we may once again hear the Spirit (instead of social media) to help us discern how to conduct ourselves in terms of safety and graciously conducting ourselves with others who may have different perspectives.

Let us be still and know that He is God, and remember that He is in control (Psalm 46:10). The fight is His.

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  1. Sue Patterson

    Hallelujah & Amen!! God is in control so let go and let God. Own it Jesus!!

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