*For we are aliens and pilgrims before You, As were all our fathers; Our days on earth are as a shadow, And without hope. -I Chronicles‬ ‭29:15‬ ‭(NKJV)

Ever obsessed over what would happen in the world after you pass away?

I used to want so badly to live forever. Not because I dreaded death, but I just wanted to learn how it all ends…just to see what happens to the earth, to humankind, and the universe.

I even used to imagine somehow transferring our consciousness to a storage device till technology could create new bodies for us, and we could keep moving to new bodies so we could live on and on.

Life seemed to bleak and pointless.

My perspective problem

A number of issues with my thinking:

  • I wanted to live on because I wanted to see how the story ended…because I didn’t know, and that bothered me.
  • I wasn’t enjoying and appreciating my journey now, but was instead concerned about the end of my days.
  • I didn’t have Jesus in my life.

Jesus corrects the perspective issue

Well, Jesus has a way of clearing perspective issues right up. The Word incarnate…the way, the truth, and the life tends to do that.

He took on my issues point for point:

Wanting to know how it all ends

One day, I could look back and see what God did with my life. On top of that, I’d have everlasting life, and I honestly probably wouldn’t even be thinking of what happened to this world or universe because I’d be in the overwhelming bliss and presence of God Himself!

God also made it clear how it would come to an end for the world in Revelation. We definitely want to be with Him when that time comes!

Not appreciating the journey

God wants us to be strengthened, refined, and healed by our journey…and to see His blessings in every step we take (James 1:17). We can’t do that when we’re navel gazing or worrying about tomorrow. He makes it clear that we are not to worry, because He supplies all we would ever need (Matthew 6:31-32; Philippians 4:19).

Not having Jesus in my life

Not having Jesus in your life is a death sentence on the road to perdition (eternal damnation and suffering). Once you accept Jesus as your Lord and savior, you are reborn (Romans 10:9), and your perspective changes and becomes clearer as you take in His Word.

So if you are a believer, you have nothing to worry about or fear about the future…it is secured! If you are not yet a believer, please consider becoming an agent, and watch your life go from uncertain and scary to stable and secure. Do know that you will face difficulty in this life, just as you would without Jesus, but as a believer, you have the best foundation under your feet to stand through anything.

Each step we take as believing pilgrims through this world takes us one step closer to being with God and eternal life. Having that security makes this walk here on earth so much easier.