Truly I tell you, anyone who will not receive the kingdom of God like a little child will never enter it. -Mark 10:15 (NIV)

The other night my son had a strong fever, burning up in the middle of the night. I held him and gave him medicine to bring his temperature down, and told him everything would be okay. I assured him that daddy would take care of him, and that this time would pass, and he thanked me.

God used that moment to get me to ponder the following:

Right now, my four-year-old son trusts me unswervingly. But maybe, as he gets older, he will get more rebellious. Input from friends and others could sway him. He could be know-it-all teen who thinks he knows better than how I raised him. He could even flat out reject everything I stand for and go the opposite way. He could be too cool for me, even embarrassed to be associated with me.

And maybe, one day, he might look back after those years of rebellion and realize that there was simplicity in the trust and faith of his childhood…that daddy had always had his best interests at heart. That the years of rebellion were from people and things and concepts that seemed attractive at the time, but were ultimately disappointing, unfulfilling, and false.

That caused me to check my spiritual temperature. Do I completely and simply trust in my Father’s care, and His promises and provision, as would a child? Are there areas in my life where I’m embarrassed of Him because I’m too cool for Him? Are there areas in my life where I will just do as I please against His better guidance for my life?

Am I too jaded now by living so long in the world where I say, “I know, but…” in the face of God’s promises? Or can I trust Him despite what the world, circumstances, and my eyes are telling me? Can I trust He will carry me through these times to better times, as my son unquestionably trusted me? Do I believe that He will, and not just can?

I pray that we all return to the simplicity of trusting completely in God’s will, promises, and provision…and if we’ve strayed from Him or even denied Him, that we will honestly feel the dissatisfaction and emptiness in our hearts and fill them up to overflowing again with the unconditional love, satisfaction, and contentment that only He can provide.