In the night I search for you; in the morning I earnestly seek you. For only when you come to judge the earth will people learn what is right. -‭‭Isaiah‬ ‭26:9‬ ‭(NLT)

This agent has a soft spot for jazz standards. One particular Cole Porter song from 1932, “Night and Day,” was sung by Fred Astaire to Ginger Rogers in a hilarious musical comedy movie (1934’s “The Gay Divorcée,” about a happy divorcée) but my favorite version was sung decades later by Frank Sinatra.

Decades later, I discovered the song after watching that Astaire-Rogers film, which then led me to the Sinatra version. In the song, Frank tells a woman about how he thinks of her night and day, and how he cannot have peace till he can romance her night and day. (The song’s wording is “making love,” which didn’t mean what it means today.)

What if we had the same passion, fervor, and obsession with worshiping God? What if our souls would also feel tormented unless we lived our nights and days in worship to Him?

Our world is obsessed with elevating other people, but if we could obsess over elevating Him night and day, what miracles He could make in our lives and in the world!

Today’s soundtrack

“The Only Name (Yours Will Be)” by Big Daddy Weave praises Him as we constantly should.