prayer-500sqWhen storms are tossing you, your armor is absorbing damage, and there is seemingly no end in sight, we need His guidance to not make hasty or pressured decisions under stress. There have been so many times I’ve felt like I’d be glorifying God no matter which fork I’d take in the road, but I really want to know if He agrees. I hope this prayer helps you.



As always, we come before you with thanksgiving and praise, in all circumstances. Thank you for carrying us through this storm.

Give us your guidance as we stand at this fork in the road: Are we to be still and let you do your works before us, or are we to be your hands and feet to act in your name? Are we to persevere through injustice, or be your instruments to gently guide the situation to a just conclusion of your design? Give us clear direction, Father, to navigate these circumstances.

Thank you, Father, for comforting and covering us through these trials. Assure us of your promises, your love for us, and that you hear our prayers…the cries of your children. We know that your plans for us are good, and we trust in your steadfast faithfulness.

We continue to walk in obedience and faith toward your plans for us.

In Jesus’ holy and powerful name we pray.