Surround yourself with fellow agents


Do not be misled: “Bad company corrupts good character.” -1 Corinthians 15:33 (NIV)

As an agent of light, it’s crucial that you stick with other agents when possible…especially if you are experiencing harrowing trials, or are a new agent whom the enemy may find impressionable to the wrong concepts and influences. And these influences, who are sometimes people, are everywhere.

Fellow agents who are not just professed, but active followers, of Christ who show the fruit of the Spirit in their walk, are among the most valuable of allies and confidants in our fight. We need the support and strength of siblings in Christ who can, as His hands and feet, build us up and lift us up when we are struggling…and we need to do the same for them.

In addition, these godly friendships help the participating agents to grow stronger in Christ, and continue the journey to Christlikeness.

Seeing this, the enemy will do all he can to tear these bonds apart, and even set agents against each other. He may even work through other susceptible agents to accomplish this purpose, so be on your guard.

The most important thing to remember Jesus’ teaching to love one another as He loves us. In doing this, we listen and support without judgment, encourage each other to grow and move toward Christlikeness, and always keep our eyes on Him.

These are the friendships through which His light is blindingly bright. When you surround yourself with agents who are like-minded in the pursuit of Christlikeness, you are experiencing a force multiplier that makes you even stronger than the sum of you.

In this excerpt from the following In Touch Ministries article, it’s explained why it’s so important:

In a God-honoring friendship, two people build each other up and spur one another toward Christlikeness.


Strong relationships begin with men and women who decide to risk their pride and comfort in order to love as Jesus does. They recognize that friends are meant to motivate one another toward holiness. In a friendship of mutual trust and submission, two people will confess sin, offer gentle reproof, and share burdens.

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  1. Wow what power in this message and I am first hand proof that all the words written are true. My group of Christian friends are awesome and the support from these people is beyond the writing of words. Only such support can be divinely inspired.

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