All those gathered here will know that it is not by sword or spear that the Lord saves; for the battle is the Lord’s, and he will give all of you into our hands. -Samuel 17:47 (NIV)

After a month and a half of being a guest, I helped my oldest friend out of my house, packing his things to go to a rehab facility. His family showed up unannounced, exactly what was needed to catch his alcoholic addiction by surprise. Vodka bottles were uncovered in different hiding places.

Though I’d known him for over three decades, he was under the grip of a very powerful addiction…a very real Goliath I was looking in the eyes when I thought I was looking at my friend. Addiction was the possessing demon that controlled him from inside like he was just a costume on the outside.

I could see in hindsight I wasn’t talking to him at all, but the demon controlling him. But my friend was still in there, too, but not doing too well in his battle. But once light was cast on him, the addiction was laid bare: he angrily resisted the knowledge that he’d return to a facility designed to help shake that demon within.

I believe that my friend inside was ashamed and embarrassed to think he betrayed me. Outwardly, though, he was unapologetic, and even aloof about the revelation of the drinking. That was the Goliath within.

But I assured my friend still inside there that I thought no different of him, that I did not condemn nor judge him. I also told the Goliath still inside him that we were doing the loving thing, which was putting him in a place with more tools and more structure and accountability, because not doing it would be unloving.

Like my friend, many of us know addicts, or may even be addicts ourselves. It could be substances, pornography, or even feeding our own self-worth. Whatever it is, we cannot topple our Goliaths alone.

In the Book of Samuel, young David didn’t simply topple Goliath by faith alone. He also acted in faith, properly equipped, and motivated from his very core in the knowledge that Goliath would»not might»fall. Whatever your addiction, God will equip you if you accept Him and His strength instead of yours, and pay close attention to the tools and equipment and people He provides for you to topple that giant. Then, you can face your Goliath, seeing him for who he is, and overcoming him with the perfect God-given armaments.

Goliath is very real, and very powerful, but God can turn the pipsqueaks in us into giant killers, to His glory.