All the world is full of suffering. It is also full of overcoming. -Helen Keller

As agents of light, we have the backing of God Himself in our lives, carrying us through trials and tribulations that would otherwise kill us. As soon as we very easily lose sight of this and fall back on our own strength, we crash and burn.

It is very, very true that this world is full of suffering. It became a fallen world long, long ago, and it is our job to carry His light to every corner of the earth by letting Him infuse us with His strength, wisdom, patience, grace, joy, peace, and comfort so we can face any challenge…and overcome it. When we do this, we can intrigue nonbelievers, who will wonder how we managed to accomplish what would logically be impossible.

And that is our chance to make Him known.

When we overcome challenges, that is when we can tell curious onlookers that they can see Him in the overcoming, not us. We are His instruments as part of a much, much larger plan for this world and His children.

Whether our challenges are physical, emotional, or spiritual, we are equipped to tap into an unlimited source of strength and joy…especially when we have none. Let us show others Him—not us—when we endure and overcome…when we triumph…and when we rejoice.

Because of Him, we are overcomers.

Today’s soundtrack

As you may have guessed, today’s soundtrack is Mandisa’s “Overcomer”: