There are far, far better things ahead than any we leave behind. -C.S. Lewis

I have a beautiful, framed print with this quote on it (with the Milky Way, not the sunrise pictured here) from the talented Australian husband-wife team of Pocket Fuel. I look to it often through good times and bad.

Indeed, our best days are always ahead of us, no matter what’s going on right now—even if we’re in good times.

The quote above comes from C.S. Lewis discussing the end of life in “Letters to an American Lady,” reminding the lady of the glorious life to come once she passed through this one.

And there is so much glory right here and right now, if we let the Lord take over. What I’ve found is that every day walking toward God is better than any behind me. That includes the hard and seemingly impossible days, because on this day, He has made me stronger than on any past day.

Each day is an opportunity to find more of His blessings in your life, and with each discovery, you can see and appreciate more of the richness He’s woven into the universe around you. That’s a huge help and comfort when other things don’t seem to be going right for you.

And the more you can rest in all His blessings, the more you can stop looking inward and start being an outward blessing to the world around you. And God sees your obedience and faith walk, and He’s planned your steps to your best days ever.

Today’s soundtrack

Matthew West’s “Day One” reminds us that today is a new day. Today is Day One of the best of our life.