voice-of-truth-500sqFor whatever reason, of all the songs I listened to the other day, it was Casting Crown’s “Voice of Truth” that really resonated with me, and I thought it might do so for you as well.  In particular, these lines:

And the giant keeps on calling out and he laughs at me,
Reminding me of all the times I’ve tried before and failed.
The giant keeps on telling me, time and time again,
Boy, you never win…you never win!

But the Voice of Truth tells me a different story
The Voice of Truth says DO NOT BE AFRAID
The Voice of Truth says THIS IS FOR MY GLORY!
Out of all the voices calling out to me,
I will choose to listen and believe the Voice of Truth

Don’t look back with regret at the track record, or all the times you wish you could’ve or should’ve done things differently or better, or wished someone else had. Don’t listen when someone tells you lies about yourself. Don’t listen to the enemy’s whispers that want you to forecast a dark future. If you fall down 7 times, get up 8 times.

Part of the Christian walk is in how you get up again in the face of your Goliath.  The Voice of Truth will tell you that the future is entirely in His hands. Sure, one can make poor stewardship choices with the Four Ts (time, talent, temple, treasure), but one can also accept His forgiveness and get right back up and trust in Jesus for a better future…along with striving to be a better steward!

Let’s not long for the better hope and future now, but instead take comfort that it is coming and assured in His timing, because He loves us! Let’s instead ask Him how we can better serve Him right now, in this very moment, and ask Him for His supernatural strength, peace, wisdom, and grace to flood our hearts and wash away our lingering pains. Let’s trust completely in Jesus and His promises.

Let’s hold onto His peace so we can be in the eye of any storm. We have to carry His peace with us…it is not peace to be achieved through circumstances! Many people live in, what seems on the surface, great worldly circumstances, but without His peace in their hearts, it’s a shallow and fragile peace they have, completely at the whim of the world.

For His glory, we continue to reflect His light when it is so, so dark. For His glory, we have to—with great difficulty sometimes—choose His peace, though our flesh and the enemy would rather us wallow in torturous agony of the heart. For His glory, we continue to give Him our burdens, and in Jesus’ name pray our hearts’ desires as His servants, completely trusting He will deliver when He’s ready.

For His glory, we ask Him: Lord, what else can I do to be an even better servant today, or even right at this moment? How can I glorify you even more in the face of my Goliath? The Voice of Truth would tell you to have unflappable faith that you will slay your Goliath—because of Him. Glory to God in the highest!

Pray on for His peace, and for the assurance of a more glorious future! I guarantee you that I am as well!

Today’s soundtrack

Listen to Casting Crown’s now-classic “Voice of Truth” and let His truth reinvigorate you!