Father, you continue to break my heart for what breaks yours. So much so that I can hardly stand it.

Driving home from work on Tuesday afternoon at the corner of Beltway 8 and Hardy toll road, I saw the same man I’ve been seeing for the last few weeks. This crippled man sells roses rain or shine, cold or hot, and this day was no different – except it was.

On this day I made it to the light in the perfect position in line to be able to buy some of his flowers. God wanted to remind me how the beautiful and the desirable come from the castoffs, from the socially unacceptable – the people our society says have no value.

$5 – that’s what he wanted. Just $5 for these beautiful flowers. I gave him all I had and that was well over the asking price along with some hand warmers which he struggled to get into his jacket pocket with his one good arm.

It wasn’t until I got home and unwrapped them that I realized how perfect they were. Unblemished perfection just like we become when our sins are washed away and we are covered by the blood of Jesus.

I gave him all my spending money – what he gave me in return was worth so much more – a glimpse into God’s own heart.