Whatever we ask we receive from Him, because we keep His commandments and do the things that are pleasing in His sight. -1 John 3:22

Heavenly Father,

How great you are, and worthy of our thanks and praise!

We confess to you the sins of our hearts, and beg you for forgiveness. We thank you, truly, for your swift forgiveness without record, which enables us to run the race light…to walk in your name, without the encumbrance of our sin!

Above all, we fervently and persistently pray in Jesus’ name to equip us to glorify you to the fullest, and in the highest! Please align our will to yours. We ask and believe we shall receive when we pray according to your will. Thank you for making a way and showing us the way.

As we obediently walk with you, Jesus, please keep the eyes of our hearts trained on you…to not get discouraged when we don’t see change or light on the horizon on our shortsighted timetable. Please help us realize your timing is perfect, that each day is another day of purification and refinement of our souls when we walk with you, and another day closer to our answered prayers!

We are forever thankful for the heavy price you paid for our salvation, and strive to give our all for you, who gave all for us. We love and praise you, and in Jesus’ holy and powerful name we pray.