Furthermore, because we are united with Christ, we have received an inheritance from God, for he chose us in advance, and he makes everything work out according to his plan. -Ephesians 1:11 (NLT)

Tragedies may temporarily shake us, but they should never shake our belief and trust in God.

On December 2, 2015, in San Bernardino, California, two masked men with assault rifles shot and killed 14 people at a holiday banquet. One of the masked men was a fellow employee to the workers at the banquet.

Millions of users online, including politicians from all sides, offered their thoughts and prayers for the victims and their families. And in the blink of an eye, many took a political bent, targeting specific politicians for inaction on gun control.

One Twitter user called the politicians’ thoughts and prayers “empty platitudes.” The New York Daily News plastered GOD’S NOT FIXING THIS on their front page.

All this can even make believers at least momentarily wonder why these bad things happen. And for nonbelievers, bad things are proof that there is no God. After all, if there was a God, He would only make the world sunny with rainbows and puppies and unicorns, with no pain or death or disease or crime, right?

As parents in this fallen world, would our children grow and become stronger if we were able to shelter them from all evils and sickness? No. It’s through trials, whether directly experienced or observed, that we spiritually toughen and mature.

The world fell once Satan tricked Eve into eating from the Tree of Knowledge with Adam. Before that happened, there was no disease, or murder, or death.

But God so loved His children that, despite the terrible things that can happen in this world–which He does allow–He will use all of those things for the good of His children. He will work out all things according to His plans.

So is God not fixing this, as the New York Daily News put it? He’s using this, as He does all things, according to His will and timing–not ours–for our good, and to His glory. Watch and see.