matt-14-31 -500sqO you of little faith, why did you doubt? -Matthew 14:31

In Matthew 14:22-33, Jesus has his disciples stay in the boat while He goes up to the mountain to pray. When He came back down, the wind and waves had carried the disciples and their boat out to sea, and Jesus walked out on the sea to meet them. Naturally, the disciples were sure they were seeing an apparition, but Jesus lets them know it is He.

Peter asked Jesus to prove it by commanding Peter to come to Him on the water, and Jesus obliged. And Peter did just that!…till he took his eyes off Jesus and started sinking and crying for Jesus to rescue him. Jesus caught him, and they both got into the boat. As soon as they did, the wind ceased, and the disciples worshiped Him.

Even nonbelievers know about Jesus walking on water. But the concept that Jesus communicates to His disciples, as He does to each agent of light, is to have faith in the face of seemingly insurmountable or impossible circumstances. He teaches this over and over again through the New Testament.

But do we really get it? Or do we get it till things get rough?

God’s word repeatedly shows us that He can accomplish inexplicable and unbelievable (to nonbelievers) things through us, if only we will let Him through faith.

No matter what wind and waves are crashing against you and tossing you around, remember that He is with you. Train the eyes and ears of your heart on Jesus, and His overwhelming, supernatural peace will diminish the roar of the waves and wind into a whimper. Focus on Him, and you can have peace anywhere, in any situation.