prayer-500sqThis is a prayer I say often, to give everything to the Lord. It contains the essential components of prayer, which are Adoration, Confession, Thanksgiving, and Supplication (or ACTS). I hope it will help you.


Thank you, THANK YOU! for blessing us so in our lives, from the very air we breathe, to being surrounded by love and fellowship of your children. Please help us lose count in your blessings when we face trials.

We confess to you the sins of our hearts: ___________, and wholeheartedly repent of them and ask for your forgiveness. We thank you for casting our transgressions as far as the east is from the west, and are SO GRATEFUL that your forgiveness and mercy and grace are infinitely more than any misstep we make in our walk.

Please continue to carry us in our walk, and to fill our hearts with your strength, wisdom, courage, peace, joy, and comfort, when we otherwise would just give up. Please hear the fervent, persistent, and heartfelt cries and groans of your children, who continue to pray our hearts to you. In Jesus’ name, we ask and believe it shall be done, according to your will and timing. We hold fast to your promises in our lives, and strive ever more toward Christlikeness with every single step. We continue to pray for an ever more victorious future in Christ.

Thank you, Lord, for loving us so that you gave your only Son to tear the temple veil and give us direct relationship with you through Jesus. Please help us give our all to glorify you, for you who sacrificed all. Please remind us how, in all we do, there are those who are watching, and may be brought to you by how we carry your light.

Glory to God in the highest! We love and praise you, and in Jesus’ name we pray.