prayer-500sqThough not all Christians celebrate Lent, the common thread is of perseverance, waiting on the Lord, and living for His triumphant return. I hope this prayer will help you in any time of year when you must dig in and hold on tight.


Father God,

Praise and thanks to you for every gift and blessing, in all seasons!

We confess to you our sins: _____, repent of them, and humbly ask for your forgiveness. Thank you, Lord, for such swift forgiveness without record.

Lord, the trials we face now are truly too much to bear alone. But you are greater than anything we could ever face, so we lay our burdens at your feet.

Father, we come boldly before your throne, and ask in Jesus’ name—believing it shall be done—that you will _____. Thank you for making a way; please show us the way.

As we tread through this season, Lord, guide us and help us navigate our circumstances. Light our steps that you lay before us as we step ever closer to answered prayers. Comfort us, assure us of your promises, and that you hear our prayers. Let us take up your yoke, instead of the one we often take in our own strength.

Thank you for loving us in a way we can never deserve or earn. Please strengthen us to live for your glory. Infuse us with your limitless grace, wisdom, and joy.

In Jesus’ holy and powerful name we pray.