He brought them out of darkness, the utter darkness, and broke away their chains. -Psalm 107:14 (NIV)

As this agent can attest, and so many before me and so many to come, that there was once a time–a time that seemed without end in sight, with no hope at all–that life was pointless. What a terrible and empty existence it was to get up to do what? Eat, go to school or work, then do it all again till we die?

But God has greater plans for us. His Son tears off our blinders and blindfolds. He casts His searing light on lies and darkness and deception. He breaks lifelong chains and bondage–including elephant chains.

Jesus is an earth shaker. He’s a life maker. He’s a chain breaker. He will do for you what no one could ever do for you before…if only you’ll accept Him as your Lord and Savior into your heart.

If you–or someone you know that needs this message–are ready to take the leap because you’re tired of doing life your way, walk this way. I promise you, He will forever change your life with spiritual fullness and meaning.

Today’s soundtrack

Zach William’s “Chain Breaker” praises the One who frees us like no one else can, because He paid a price no one else could.