The consequence of avoidance


Through laziness, the rafters sag; because of idle hands, the house leaks. -Ecclesiastes 10:18 (NIV)

At the time of this writing, this agent looks upon his dying father, whose still-sharp mind is hobbled by bodily systems shutting down. Lymphoma is the diagnosis, with a large, malignant tumor filling his lungs and stomach with fluid. As soon as electric pumps or suction devices are removed, it will only be a matter of days left on this earth for him.

The lymphoma is not an outcome of sloth, but the general lack of physical fitness to better endure it is. Like many men, this agent’s father never went to the doctor, and never took basic bodily maintenance seriously. Unfortunately, it was the pattern of his life: avoid bill collectors, avoid household responsibilities, avoid parenting duties, and even avoid employment.

The truth is, though, that there are very real consequences for evasion, though not immediately obvious to the evader. Skip church again? You’re missing out on organized study into God’s Word, the ultimate guide for your life. Not wanting to face the music for something you’ve done? Someone else will be affected, and the Holy Spirit will bother you (to say the least) till you face it.

Another consequence is that, by avoiding what God puts before you, it often unjustly transfers the burden to those around you. And they may, without meaning to, compound the sin by enabling you…by temporarily addressing what was meant for you to in the first place.

God can empower us to face any challenge, small or large, if we’ll trust in Him and His larger plans. With Him bolstering us, we can charge the mountain, rather than find yet another way around it. And when we made God-honoring choices, we can sleep well with the consequences.

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  1. Bee Jay

    Sorry to hear about your daddy Nephew, but since all men must die at some point, the most important thing is to ask him if he will allow you to lead him in the sinner’s prayer, if he has not made Jesus his Lord. If not possible, then pray that God would reach him by vision or dream. I prayed that way for a man many years ago and God saved him while he was in a coma. We know this because his mom heard him talking and he was asking Jesus to save him even while he was unconscious! Praise God.

    • Catalyzing Agent

      Thank you! I’ve prayed for him to be spoken to by vision or dream, and I am even now preparing a printed sinner’s prayer I will have to present in secret…from my own family. More in tomorrow’s post!

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