He alone is my rock and my salvation, my stronghold; I will not be shaken. -Psalm 62:6 (HCSB)

Recently, the regular staff I’d listen to on a local Christian music station abruptly changed. The people who I’d listen to and not even think twice about disappearing were now gone. They were replaced by new staff, who were nice in their own right, but were different.

And recently, many cherished friends and coworkers (many who were fellow true believers) either went on to other jobs, or were dismissed. It left gaping holes for all of us, putting a beam of light on the giant question marks ahead in the road.

And, of course, we have loved ones who have passed…people we’ve known our entire lives. And they, too, leave holes in our hearts and minds.

The common theme here is the discomfort of change. We like comfort, especially with those with whom we can build each other up and enjoy this walk in life. And sometimes change makes us very uncomfortable.

But, because our Father knows best for all of us, we can trust that His plans for those who’ve moved on are good, just as His plans for us left behind are also good. He weaves an amazing tapestry with the threads of our lives. There’s no saying our threads won’t come together again, in amazing and unexpected ways according to His design.

The constant of this world is change. But our higher constant to always hold onto is our Father, and His promises. We hold fast to them, and can weather any storm through Him. Hold on, true believer. Great things and plans lie ahead. Don’t let the valleys or rocky paths under your feet distract you from the great things He plans for you ahead.