For we walk by faith, not by sight. -2 Corinthians 5:7 (NKJV)

A man’s heart plans his way, But the LORD directs his steps. -Proverbs 16:9 (NKJV)

I don’t know about you, but I sometimes struggle with this verse.

I love the idea of it, but it’s so hard to not sometimes not walk by sight, especially after walking this earth blind—but thinking I was seeing clearly—for 40 years. I’m getting better at it, though, because it’s so freeing to stop stressing and worrying and making “what if I’d decided the other way?” second guesses following a hasty and prayerless decision.

The context for this verse is in Paul’s second letter to the Corinthians, where he gives the assurance that our world things, like our house and mortality, are just of this world, but that God has better things planned for us ahead. So, we will groan and life’s events will happen, but in anticipation of this, God has given us the Holy Spirit to dwell in us while we are absent from the Lord.

It’s actually during the most trying times when it’s actually been easier for me to walk by faith, because it’s in those situations when I just throw up my hands in surrender. Well, hands up in surrender is the perfect position for a believer, isn’t it?

So, day by day, moment by moment, and step by step, let us remember our walk is first with the Lord. He’s got great plans for us, and our walk here on earth is a journey through which He is making us ever more in His Son’s image. Let’s walk.

Today’s soundtrack

Jeremy Camp’s “Walk by Faith” reminds us that every step we take in faith has a God-given purpose for our lives.