Because you know that the testing of your faith produces perseverance. -James 1:3 (NIV)

You know that piggy bank you had when you were a kid? You’d drop pennies, dimes, and maybe even bills into it from time to time, amassing a large volume from which you could withdraw when the time was right. As adults, we do the same thing with savings accounts, or rainy day funds, so that we’re not caught up the creek without a paddle when the waters get rough.

It’s the same with faith. We glorify the Lord every time we place our faith in Him in each situation, big or small, and it increases the deposits of faith in our own spiritual coffers. We can then draw from them when faith-threatening circumstances hit, with more than enough faith in the bank from a string of deposits we’ve made each time God pulled us through yet again.

And just as it is with saving, it’s hard at first, but gets easier and more natural the longer you do it.

I’m certainly not the first to put this idea together! C.H. Surgeon was one of England’s most famous preachers during the latter half of the nineteenth century. Not only did he preach to and convert many, but he also generated a huge library of works. His magnum opus was The Treasury of David (more on that in another post), but he also wrote what is called today Faith’s Checkbook (it was originally titled The Chequebook of the Bank of Faith), a collection of morning and evening devotionals.

So, fellow believer, make regular deposits of faith as you entrust each moment and breath to God…every test and trial and outcome and hope. Pray on, and when life tests your faith, you will have deep coffers of spiritual riches to tap into and persevere.