Jesus said to him, “I am the way, and the truth, and the life; no one comes to the Father but through Me. -John 14:6 (NASB)

In the ’80s, I enjoyed reading the wildly popular Choose Your Own Adventure books, which let you play a game while also reading the book…and even alter the direction and outcome of the book based on your decisions. It was an absolute blast to play the role of the main character and control the direction of the book, and pick different paths each time. (Apparently, you can still buy them online today!)

In life, we can also choose paths to take. We can choose to do our own thing and have a roller coaster, up and down life…or we can pick what early followers of Jesus called The Way (Acts 9:2). When I finally picked The Way in 2013, I finally had spiritual footing, the Holy Spirit overflowing in my previously empty and aching heart, and direction in my life!

In fact, The Way was about the last option I would’ve ever taken. Like most who don’t follow Jesus, it’s generally thought that being a good person is all that matters, and if things don’t go well in life, just change your path. Jesus shows us that He already knows our path, and promises to carry us through every step of it, if we will only keep our eyes on Him.

No matter where you’ve been, once you choose The Way, you can choose to see the adventure in every waking moment of your life as you look to glorify Him in all you say and do. And no matter how the winds of circumstance blow around you, He’s got your back…and His Way will often ask you to trust Him as He helps you plow straight through choppy waters and scaling mountains.

The verse above is part of Jesus’ answer to His apostle Thomas, who asked Him how they could follow Him if they didn’t know where He was going. Jesus was heading to Heaven, and is the only way there. He endured and suffered and died and rose again to make the way for us.

When you choose The Way, you’ll be suited up in spiritual armor–and even a Sword!–for your new journey, because your eyes will finally be opened to layers of reality you had no idea existed. You’ll be given a new moral and spiritual backbone in a world where anything goes.

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Today’s soundtrack

Jamie Grace’s “You Lead” tells God that we trust Him completely in leading us in a victorious walk, no matter what life brings.