I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me. -Philippians 4:13 (NKJV)

We are in the spotlight, even when we don’t realize it.

As professed believers, we aren’t just under the scrutiny of doubters, critics, and unbelievers, but we’re also watched by the uncertain and lost, or even believers who are flagging. And they are watching around the clock, not just when times are good.

It’s when times are tough, when our faith is tested, that people will see our walk…and where our walk can help others in theirs. And it’s when we’re hurting at the same time that others are, too…but we can be the ones to show His strength and joy that is greater than the pain.

As I mentioned about stopping bullets, leaning on the Lord and His promises enables us to carry on in the face of attacks that can wear us down and grind us into a fine powder, if we were to take them on in our own strength. We can live above our circumstances, rather than we tossed around by them.

We can also keep in mind that it’s about channeling His grace and wisdom when under fire, rather than volleying back venom. It’s about letting go and letting God carry us and gird us when we have nothing left.

It’s about glorifying the Lord, not about us. And it’s so easy to forget that, because our flesh wants to wallow.

And the result? It can be something as simple as a hello to a passing stranger; opening a door for someone; helping someone with their work; or feeding or clothing someone in need. It could be anything. Just do it for the Lord, and He will be seen in your kindnesses to others.

Because agents are part of His much, much larger plan, let’s do our part to carry His light, and practice to stoke it from a flicker to a raging flame, even in a storm!

Today’s soundtrack

Josh Wilson’s “Pushing Back the Dark” helps us remember that we have purpose and a light that others so desperately need, just as we need from others.