But now, Lord, what do I look for? My hope is in you. -Psalm 39:7 (NIV)

In the trials in my life and the trials of agents around me, I continue to learn about how God is the strongest anchor, immovable by the storms of life, which is why He can anchor our souls. So, at one end of the line is His anchor on the sea floor. What’s on the other end? Just us?

No. On the end of the line where we are, in the thick of the storms of life, is God’s uplifting support, so that we never drown, like the strongest buoy ever. Buoys float on the surface of the water, no matter how choppy, attached to heavy anchors on the sea floor below. Buoys serve different purposes, like warning us away from danger.

In terms of spiritual buoys, God keeps us afloat with His reminder that He is present and steadfast in our lives, no matter how bad the storm. His buoy reminds us to keep our eyes on Him. And, His buoy is the overflow of His blessings and gifts in our lives, which we can fix our eyes on, when all else around us is blown and tossed.

In the toughest of times, we can take heart and thank and praise God for being there, not only anchoring us, but buoying us with His love. And, as has every storm or stormy season, this one, too, shall pass…and God will have carried us through again.

Today’s soundtrack

“My Hope Is In You” by Aaron Shust tells the Lord that He alone buoys us through the toughest of times.

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