Be joyful in hope, patient in affliction, faithful in prayer. -Romans‬ ‭12‬:‭12‬ (NIV)

That verse right there covers quite a bit of the Christian walk. Romans 12 is the first chapter of practical application Paul gives to the Christians in Rome, following 11 chapters of doctrine.

Be joyful in hope

Hope is a forward-looking perspective, believing in better things ahead. And Christian hope is grounded in a supernatural foundation of joy that can only come from knowing Jesus, how much He loves us, and truly believing what He’s done for us.

Patient in affliction

Patience. Every believer knows this. We not only are patient in our travels through this world to the next, but also patient through each trial and circumstance…especially the afflicting ones. We can be patient, longsuffering, and suffer in a productive way because of the joyful hope we have in Christ and His finished work.

Faithful in prayer

Don’t stop praying when you don’t see anything happening, or when the furnace only seems to get hotter. Because of hope, and because of your patience in affliction, you can be faithful in prayer. Be persistent. Pray without ceasing. Pray to God about all things in your heart, and always thank Him for His gifts and blessings.

Our walk is all about the expectant hope…the longer view of what we can’t see ahead, but believe in, knowing better days are ahead, because our God has great plans for us. He is faithful, so in our walk, we can show our faith in Him.